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Ingredient Spotlight: Vitamin C

July 26, 2022
The world of Vitamin C can be confusing and overwhelming, from different types to the best pH levels for formulations. Today we’re breaking down some Vitamin C basics, because in clean, effective p...
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Our Three Pillars

June 02, 2022
Now that we have shared the absolute must-know information with all of you when it comes to giving your skin love, we can’t help but fill you in on how SLFMKR gives love to another precious entity....
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Establishing a Four-Step Skin Care Routine

April 19, 2022
At SLFMKR, we are serious skin care lovers, and while we can say for sure that everyone should care for their skin with the utmost love, it is hard to know where to start. You may have a serious de...
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When the Maskne Struggle is Real

August 06, 2020
Tips + Tricks to Combat the Unwelcome Things Happening Underneath Your Mask. Ranging from small red bumps and rashes to full on cystic acne or bruising, the struggle of masking side effects on your...
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What Is Self-Care, Anyways?

July 11, 2020
While many of us are of the mindset that we should be engaging in self-care on some level, what exactly is it, anyways? Read More
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