Our Mission

SLFMKR is a modern apothecary and skin care studio dedicated to clean beauty and self-care. We are here to change the definition of self-made; at SLFMKR, to be self-made is to achieve success in your personal health and well-being. And with that, our mission is simple: helping others to take action in improving their health and well-being, from head to toe, inside and out. We are beyond a store—we are here to connect with those seeking to improve their health and lives by providing personalized guidance in their clean living and self-care journeys.

Our Beliefs

We believe in dedicated self-care. We believe in self-care as a cause, and that cause is you. We believe in personalized guidance because self-care is not a one-size-fits-all formula. We believe in you and your ability to be successful in achieving better health, well-being and confidence.

Redefining Standards

We support products that are non-toxic, eco-friendly and cruelty-free while maintaining high efficacy and quality. Our store and our partners stand for self-care, self-worth, self-love and clean living. Navigating the "clean" market can be overwhelming, so we've curated the best brands and products for you.

Fueling Change

Along with helping individuals, we are also committed to lightening our carbon footprint on Mother Earth. From recycling shipping materials to offering products like reusable swabs, we believe many small actions can lead to larger actions and larger actions can lead to impactful change.

Founder + Owner

Kait Turshen

After thirteen years in the fast-paced fashion and beauty industry of New York City, Kait Turshen returned to her Ohio roots. Kait wanted to pursue a different side of the beauty industry—health and wellness—after having experienced personal health challenges, from gut issues to fertility.

Resettled in Cleveland, she overhauled her lifestyle inside and out, from food and makeup to mental health and movement. As she curated clean beauty and self-care products for her own life, she wanted to share it with others. What you see in SLFMKR, online and in-store, is the culmination of this journey.

Kait believes that many small changes, from switching to a non-toxic face wash or five minutes of self-care a day, can lead to bigger, lasting change for the mind, body and soul. She prioritizes the beauty of high-quality and high-efficacy products backed by an ethos of making our world a better, kinder place. She thoughtfully curates the brands she collaborates with and would love nothing more than connect you with the things that have enriched her life.

Kait is the founder and owner of SLFMKR, as well as a certified holistic health coach and an Ohio state board certified esthetician.

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