Dr. Melissa Manilla focuses on finding the root cause of your ailments through the beautiful synergy of chiropractic, functional medicine, and acupuncture.

She holds a doctorate in Chiropractic, Acupuncture certification, and Masters's degree in Clinical Nutrition & Functional Medicine. Dr. Melissa focuses on achieving not adequate but optimal health in all patients through analyzing every aspect of a person-from internal to external; to emotional, physical and chemical. She strives to help every patient achieve the most healthy state that serves them and their higher good.

She focuses on gut health, hormone imbalances, fertility, autoimmune diseases, adrenal fatigue, chronic pain, and chronic illness prevention. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, any physical activity especially outdoors, cooking, some self-love of meditation/journaling, and spending time with her husband and rescue labradoodle.

She practices chiropractic, functional medicine, and acupuncture/cupping in Lakewood Ohio at Inspired Chiropractic & Wellness and she practices acupuncture/cupping at SLFMKR as a branch of her care at Inspired.

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