Should I be Double Cleansing?

When people walk into SLFMKR looking to start or enhance their skin care routine, we first talk about cleansing. We believe in starting small and making sure the bookends are taken care of - cleansing and moisturizing. Over time, we can help you build in the rest.

You may not be someone who wears makeup, but if you care deeply about your skin like we do, we can only hope you are applying an SPF on a daily basis (we will dive into this on a later date). Other than the products you use, your skin is exposed to dirt, airborne pollutants, and bacteria throughout the day and is well deserving of a gentle, yet effective cleanse. While cleansing is important, today our goal is to help you decide if double cleansing is for you. 

What is double cleansing?

Rinse and repeat? Not exactly. While you are in fact washing your face twice during a double cleanse, it is all about using two different products to get the job done. The first cleanse will help remove makeup, sunscreen, and any other irritants on the skin. The second cleanse will allow you to remove what you cannot see with a naked eye.

The art of the double cleanse 

SLFMKR has all of the cleansers to help you navigate double cleansing. The first step is to use an oil based cleanser on dry skin. As you massage the cleanser into your skin, it will break up residue and lift up any makeup or sunscreen without stripping the skin’s natural barrier. Your oil based cleansers are able to gently remove eye makeup without irritation. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to shy away from oil based cleansers if you have oily skin. Oil based products will not make your skin more oily. 

SLFMKR Oil Based Cleansers: 

Once you have rinsed off your oil based cleanser, it is time for your next product. The second step during a double cleanse is to use a gentle cleanser. This step will help you clear out any impurities that are left on the surface of your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed, refined, and nourished. 

SLFMKR Gentle Cleansers: 

Clean skin paves the way for more beautiful skin. When your skin is clean, it is ready to absorb the skin care products you’ve invested in. If double cleansing is something you've wanted to try, we hope this was the friendly nudge you needed! 

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