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Here at SLFMKR, we partner with brands whose values align with ours. Not only do we care about ingredients, but we care about our planet. 

We can proudly say that our store and our partners stand for self-care, self-worth, self-love, and clean living. Along with helping individuals, we are also committed to lightening our carbon footprint on Mother Earth. From recycled shipping materials to offering products like reusable swabs, we believe many small actions can lead to larger actions and larger actions can lead to impactful change.

In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to highlight the commitment made by some of our brands and the impact they are making on the world. At SLFMKR, we have brands that are B Corp Certified, Climate Neutral, Plastic Neutral, and 1% For the Planet

B Corp Certified

In order to be B Corp Certified, your business must undergo a rigorous assessment and qualify for at least 80 of 200+ total points. This evaluation takes an in depth look at how a business supports their workers, empowers communities, protects the environment and governs themselves. B Corps are mission-driven companies that want to make a positive impact on people and the planet. 

B Corps like Innersense Organic Beauty use their business as a force for good. Ursa Major takes pride in being able to quantify and track their sustainability progress as a B Corp. They believe that the way they treat their co-workers, customers, community and environment is just as important as how we treat our skin. 

Climate Neutral

As a Climate Neutral Certified brand, your business must meet climate neutrality standards for measuring, offsetting, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The first step in this process is measuring emissions and assessing the carbon impact of product and services from start to finish. The next step is to have an action plan in place for reducing carbon emissions moving forward. The progress made towards emission reduction should be documented on a yearly basis. The final step involves compensating for your last year’s emissions with eligible verified carbon and energy credits. 

Plastic Neutral

Have you ever had a business encourage you to bring back your plastic products so they can be repurposed or recycled? We do something similar here at SLFMKR and have partnered with TerraCycle to help tackle the issue of waste.  

Plastic neutrality means that for every amount of plastic created, an equal amount of plastic waste is either recycled or repurposed. The overall goal is to not create a surplus of plastic, but instead, prevent it from entering the environment. Some plastic neutral brands use recycled plastic for their packaging or have decided to eliminate the need for plastic entirely! 

1% For the Planet

1% for the Planet allows businesses to give back in a way that helps tackle our planet’s most pressing environmental issues. Businesses committed to 1% for the Planet must donate 1% of gross sales to one of the Environmental Partners. 

Brands like ILIA have found a partner that’s aligned to their core values. ILIA has a mission to protect and revive the skin as well as the planet which is why they support reforestation. With One Tree Planted as their Environmental Partner, they have a goal of planting 1 million trees by the end of 2023.

Know that each time you purchase a Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40, ILIA is one step closer to planting another tree.


The brands we carry at SLFMKR impact more than just our skin. One brand that deserves a special shout out is Innersense Beauty. They are B Corp Certified, Climate Neutral, Plastic Neutral, and 1% For the Planet. Come check them out in store or online! 

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