Our Three Pillars

Now that we have shared the absolute must-know information with all of you when it comes to giving your skin love, we can’t help but fill you in on how SLFMKR gives love to another precious entity. At SLFMKR, we function with three main pillars in mind in order to maximize our dedication to self-care. We believe that the ultimate form of self-care is to care for the planet too. That’s why we are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. While we make it clear to all our customers that our products are thoughtfully curated to follow our “clean” beauty standards, a lot of what is important to us goes on behind the scenes, so we wanted to offer you all a glimpse into how we stick to our beliefs. 

Pillar One: Non-Toxic

First and foremost, it’s essential to know that “clean” beauty means that the products in our store only feature ingredients that have a purpose. There are no added ingredients solely for color or fragrance. On top of that, our products stray from any harmful ingredients or chemicals ensuring that our skin, hair, and body is being properly loved. That’s where our first pillar comes in: non-toxic, meaning that nothing sold in our store can harm the body or the environment, and often, they do they exact opposite. We believe all of our products should be non-toxic as many of the things we use on a daily basis contain harsh chemicals that do their damage over time; to the planet and to us. There is no room for any toxins in beauty and we take the time to navigate the market and find the best brands and products so that you don’t have to. 

Pillar Two: Cruelty-Free

Moving onto our next pillar, we make sure that every single product in our store is cruelty-free, which means that there is no animal testing in any phase of the product's creation or production. When it comes to loving our planet, our fellow inhabitants should be included. 

Pillar Three: Eco-Friendly

Last but not least is our commitment to being eco-friendly. With our first two pillars, the majority of our commitment manifests in the products we curate, however when it comes to being eco-friendly, most of that is done behind the scenes. It’s important for our customers to rest assured that shopping at SLFMKR is not harmful to the environment. Our promise to practice eco-friendly habits starts with the packaging on the products we carry in our stores and carries over to the stickers we use on our shopping bags. 

Our favorite lines such as Berlin Skin, Keeko, and Kaia Naturals feature practices that we are proud to carry in our store. For example, Berlin Skin is packaged in 100% recycled MIRON glass which not only is a more sustainable packaging material, but actually protects the formula of the product from natural light leading their products to last longer. Not only that, but all products made by Berlin Skin are made with renewable energy as the main energy source. Our very own Keeko toothbrushes are made completely from biodegradable materials as to not perpetuate the global plastic pollution problem. Some of our other sustainable product faves include our compostable face wipes from Kaia Naturals, our reusable cotton swabs from LastSwab, and our Jungle Culture Reusable Safety Razors. Honestly, we could go on and on about our products that promote a sustainable lifestyle, but our practices don’t stop there. 

When you receive a package from SLFMKR, you can be assured that our stickers and tissue paper are sourced from sustainable materials. We use the brand noissue for our stickers and tissue, which are compostable, and the brand has a commitment to the eco-alliance which helps to plant trees across the globe and offset carbon emissions. Not to mention, any shopping bag you walk out of the store with is made with kraft-recycled paper, which is made from 100% recycled materials. Even our shipping tape is made without plastic to avoid excess plastic use and waste. 

Not only is taking home new goodies from SLFMKR a commitment to the environment, but returning used containers to us is also a step in the right direction. We partner with TerraCycle to recycle used beauty packaging the right way since improper disposal is one of the biggest problems in households today. Not to mention we include a discount on the next purchase whenever you recycle with us using the TerraCycle program

All in all, SLFMKR has you covered in every way. Committing to our three pillars is what helps us to commit to every person who walks through our doors because true self-care starts with caring for our planet.

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