Jessica Zuik

Who I Am:

I am a nurse, mother, reiki master healer, anxiety coach, breath-work fanatic, and woman in perpetual motion.  

Can you relate?

My work in this world is to guide you through healing your physical body on the path to connecting with your true self.  Your purpose in life.

Sounds amazing, right?

I want more than anything to help you get to know who you really are…Deep in your soul… Independent of the roles and diagnoses the world uses to define you.  You are so much more.  

What I Do:

I help you calm the f*** down. Reset your nervous system. And as a result, create lasting healing in your physical body. Deep cellular healing.  
Regardless of where you are in your life’s journey, I will meet you there and begin your process of redefining health. 
Whether you are just opening up to healing, willing to explore your experience and the trauma that lives in your cells, or ready to surrender to healing each aspect of your being - energetic, emotional, mental, AND physical.  
I am here for you.


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