Are you walking around feeling zapped? Do you feel like certain people drain your energy? Is holiday stress already setting in?

As sensitive, empathic, compassionate people in this world we tend to be beacons of love and light.  This makes our energy super attractive to others.  While in our presence they feel energized and light, and as a result they energetically “tap into” or “plug into” our energy.  This is all well and good, until someone forgets to remove that “plug” or we fail to disconnect someone from our own energy field.  You become a constant source of energy for them without even knowing about it.  Talk about draining!

In these mini energy healing sessions, we will focus on understanding where your energy stops and another’s begins. Together we will energetically cut all the chords or remove all of the plugs from your energy field, leaving you lighter and more energized.

24 hour cancellation policy is in effect for this event; refunds will not be issued for cancellations.

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