May 12th: Freedom From ADD Workshop
Maria Hickman

May 12th: Freedom From ADD Workshop

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Date: Tuesday, May 12th from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Do you or your children suffer from the symptoms of ADD? 

Are you easily distracted?

Do you have a hard time focusing?

Is getting to sleep a difficult task for you?

Do you deal with anxiety and mood swings?

When the 4 Pillars of Health come into balance, these symptoms and many more, will lessen and in some cases, completely go away. In this workshop you will learn about these 4 Pillars of Health and walk away with four take-home strategies to implement immediately. It is time to get freedom from ADD and this workshop will help get you started and set you up for success.
About Maria Hickman
Maria is a Certified Brain and Master Health Coach. Maria believes food can be medicine when used properly. Within her own family, the proper use of food has cured numerous diseases. Her husband had high blood pressure, constant headaches, and aches and pains from playing football in the NFL. Maria was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and her children suffered from ADHD, eczema, asthma, and leaky gut.  All of this is gone with making simple, slow changes to the 4 pillars of health. Maria specializes in children with ADD (all 7 types), Autism, Behavioral, Weight and Skin Issues.