Adaptogen Packette

Adaptogen Packette

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A great way to try a new adaptogen blend from Apothekary. Add to a smoothie, latte, yogurt and beyond.

Haters Say It's Photoshopped: If you're looking for vibrant skin, while at the same time reducing any signs of aging & rosacea, this blend is for you. Haters Say It's Photoshopped contains the vibrant hued flower, Hibiscus, known for its exceptional antioxidant content and combines well with two beauty-boosting adaptogens, Cordyceps and Chaga, to promote a youthful glow from the inside out. Ingredients: hibiscus, collagen, cordyceps mushroom, chaga mushroom, coconut cream powder.

Chill the F* Out: The act of letting go of stress and inflammation, while fully accepting the present with stronger mental acuity. One of our most popular blends, a serotonin-boosting stress-busting elixir targeting cortisol levels. It tastes like a peppermint hot chocolate mix but is unsweetened, and contains two powerhouse adaptogens, Reishi and Ashwagandha. Reishi is also known as The Queen Healer, given its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and popularly known as a longevity tonic. Ashwagandha is one of the most popular root adaptogens, primarily used for stress relief and fighting adrenal fatigue. Ingredients: reishi mushroom, ashwaghanda, raw cacao, peppermint, coconut cream powder.

Slay All Day: a next-level take on a creamy matcha latte blend, containing two powerful adaptogens, Chlorella and Ginseng, that combine to increase the bioavailability of compounds which help to reduce stress. Combined with Matcha, an antioxidant and L-Theanine-rich plant that contains both Yin and Yang aspects by increasing energy, while promoting an overall sense of calm energy. Ingredients: Japanese matcha, ginseng (Siberian), coconut cream powder, chlorella, , pea protein.

SIZE: 2.5g (.09 oz) packette

USDA Organic Certified | Fair-Trade | Non-GMO